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FAQ Renting
Q. What is involved in renting a timeshare? A. Thank you for your interest in renting a timeshare with Resort Timeshare Marketing. When an offer is submitted to rent a timeshare, the offer will be forwarded to a buyer specialist who will review the offer.

The buyer specialist will make contact with the buyer by telephone or e-mail and normally within 24 hours of the offer being submitted. This is done to confirm the offer, verify the usage dates and answer any questions the renter may have. Once the offer is confirmed, the buyer specialist will then contact the owners of the vacation property to present the offer for their consideration and to check availability with the resort. When a response is received from the owners, the buyer specialist will forward the response directly to the renter.

In the event there is no availability at the resort or if the offer is declined, the buyer specialist will immediately notify the renter. If there is availability and the owner accepts the offer, then the buyer specialist will require a $100.00 deposit to schedule the rental. This deposit is normally made by credit card. When the deposit is received, the owner of the timeshare will schedule the rental reservation for the renter under the renter’s name and receive a confirmation number or confirmation letter from the resort.

This confirmation is given to the buyer specialist who will independently confirm the reservation. Upon receiving a valid confirmation, the buyer specialist will instruct the renter on how to send payment to the owner for the rental. Payment must be sent in the form of a money order or certified check. Personal checks will not be accepted. The owner will contact the buyer specialist when the payment has been received and the confirmation number is then given to the renter to check into the resort for the rental and the deposit is released.

There are waivers that need to be signed by both parties before the rental dates to ensure both parties are protected. If payment is not received in full within 2 weeks of the scheduled rental date, the renter will forfeit the reservation as well as the $ 100.00 deposit.